How to import Etsy reviews to Shopify

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How to import Etsy reviews to Shopify

How to import Etsy reviews to Shopify

In this blog I'm going to show you guys how to add Etsy reviews to the Shopify store it's really really easy to do just takes a couple of minutes so you just want to be logged in to Shopify and one tab on your computer and then when I go over to the link below, I'll have to this website called elf site it's just gonna allow us to create a widget for these reviews on our store.
So what we're going to want to do once we come on this is we want to go over to widgets and we just want to click on that and then once it pops up a search here you want to go and just search for Etsy and then it will give us this option for this widget right here.
Etsy reviews you want to click on that and then just click up create widget at the top right here so now what we see here is the etsy link or the etsy url so you want to go ahead and copy that and paste it into here so you can get the reviews that you're looking for but once you have that put down you can go and check out the layout and it's customizable you could change the width as well as a reviews layout, if you would like to like from list or to masonry or grid whatever you're looking to do as well as if you click on the review tab you can change it from classic to something else if you would like to as well as changing the dates and stuff like that as well as the style you could adjust as well the color scheme and the accent colors so it's very customizable so you just want to make it how you would like it but once you're done doing that you just want to click on the join to install option right here and once you click on that you either have to sign up or log into a previous made account so i'm just going to click on login and then it will just take a second to load and work and then once it opens up it'll bring you right back to where you were.
But the difference this time is you'll be signed in so all you want to do is just click on save once you're done and then it will pop up this option here, for the tutorial we're just going to click on the lite version it's just a free version that allows you to use one per website so we're going to click on select and we'll sign up for free and then we'll give this line of code right here so what we want to do on this line of code is we want to click on copy and then we'll go back over to our Shopify store down to the online store and then we want to go to the current theme we're using a click on actions and click on edit code and it just gives it a second to load.
So now we want to find our product page so we're just going to scroll down under templates and just click on the product.liquid and once we click on product.liquid we want to remove any other one that we have so I have this one here already so I'm just going to remove that and then I'm just going to paste you just want to paste under the end if just paste the new one and then click on save and then we'll go ahead and check out the store to see how it looks.
So I'm going to click on shop now and I'll just show you guys one of my products and as you see we have the Etsy reviews on here as well now I really hope I was able to help you guys out with showing you how to add Etsy reviews to Shopify store if this was helpful be sure to leave a comment and subscribe for more thanks for reading.

Note: This blog is a transcript of a youtube video that you can watch Over Here.

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