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Import Etsy To Shopify

Hello everyone today we're gonna be going over opening a Shopify store I am an Etsy seller I've been selling printables on empty for a while now about half a year and I've sold thousands of dollars worth of printable on Etsy but they are starting to take a larger cut of the amount sold and take away some of the freedom and flexibility that has made Etsy so wonderful for people.



So I am going to open a Shopify store and this is just a walkthrough tutorial of opening my own store Shopify is a huge company that power over a million businesses across the US and the world they have all sorts of tools that make opening an online store to sell either downloadable or actual goods really really easy so starting your business on Shopify is a great option they also have a 14-day trial which is what I decided to do when I signed up I wasn't sure if I want to use Spotify so I signed up for the 14-day trial and that is something that you can do with the link in the description box below.

You can set up your shop in literally under ten minutes and see for the 14 days if you like using Shopify or not and then decide at the end of the trial whether or not you want to move forward it doesn't charge your card if you decide not to go for it so there's really no downside to trying out Shopify's to see if it is a better fit for you than any other platform to sell your products online and it is super easy to create a shop as you can see it literally takes two seconds to create the account that you're going to start with and then they ask you to give a little bit of information about yourself if you sell in a different platform like I said I already sell on Etsy and they make it incredibly incredibly easy to move your Etsy shop from Etsy to Shopify as you'll see in a few minutes they actually will import all of your Etsy information so you can transfer from Etsy to Shopify in literally just a few seconds you have to add an address when you get started to get paid but we'll skip through that since you guys don't need to know where I live and once you enter that information you go to your dashboard where you can have the import for your store your stores already created at this point they and make it immediately then here you'll just do the things that make your shop ready for people to visit and to see it so that is importing your store from Etsy adding a theme and putting in a custom domain you actually don't have to do any of those you can start from scratch from here but since I'm an Etsy seller I decided to import my entire Etsy shop into Shopify that was going to make it super super easy for me and I didn't want to go through the hassle of recreating over 60 different listings when I started so to import your shop from Etsy you're gonna have to go back to Etsy and get a couple of CSV files they tell you how to do it if you click on the link.



it's very very easy you just have to export your shop data and your product out of from Etsy it tells you exactly how to do it it's step by step where you go to your Etsy dashboard go to settings options download data and then select the ones that you need this is one thing I liked about Shopify going from Etsy to Shopify is that they made it very easy to figure out what I actually needed and what I needed to download so once I checked out what I needed I hopped over to Etsy went to settings and then to options and then to the download data tab this makes it super easy where you download the CSV of all of your for sale listings and then you need to download the orders so you'll select a CSV type of the sale listings and then of the orders with the month and the year you will want to select all of the entire last year likely of your Etsy shop it depends on how long you've been on Etsy but the last year is a good amount of data so I just selected January 2020 because that was my best month on Etsy and I knew that would cover everything and then I went back to see what else I needed of course hopping back and forth between these two screens might seem like a lot but because it's step by step you can follow along and the exact items that you need so as you can see I had to download the order CSV and the order items CSV from Etsy in order to upload it onto Shopify so that they could pull in all the data and open my shop from where I was on Etsy instead of making me go back from scratch and upload manually each item which let's be honest is not very fun so once you've downloaded your data from Etsy you're going to want to import it into Shopify you will go down here to upload files under the import your store data and then select the ones that you have downloaded from Etsy you can go about one by one and then just add the different ones that you downloaded that are needed to get your shop up and running as you can see here it makes it really easy it shows you which ones you need to upload where so for order item csv i just clicked on and i select the corresponding it download from the ones that i just got from Etsy and so once these are all plugged in it will show you down here what is going to be imported and you will have all of the things that you need to get up and running so click continue import and then it will read the files that you downloaded from Etsy and extract the data and create all of the things that you need to get your shop up and running it will have your customers your previous orders your products all of your product descriptions everything is included it makes it very very simple and as you can see this is a tutorial in real time so it does not take that long at all to get all of this done and uploaded it might take you a little longer if you have hundreds of products but because I only had about 60 something and not that many customers it did make it very easy and very quick to switch from Etsy to Shopify you can also do this all from scratch and just create all new listings on Shopify however I would highly recommend you save yourself a little bit of time at least and import the large number of files if you have them on Etsy this will shorten the amount of time that it takes you to get up and running it may take some of your files a little bit longer to upload but is a much much much quicker option than if you are going to do it by hand manually and do hundreds of different listings during your Etsy shop import it will likely take the longest amount of time to go through the importing of products that is because it includes all of the information tags and images images can take a long at time as well then it will successively go to the imported stage and move on to orders which if you have a lot of orders can also take a minute but overall this is still like I said much faster than doing it manually once all of this info from Etsy is done and uploaded into your Shopify store you will be starting off from a much better place than if you were starting your Shopify store from scratch but if you are starting from scratch it is also a great option because you get to add new listings and work on the preferred style of listing and if you had any sort of Etsy specific language in your descriptions from your Etsy shop then you're gonna have to go through one by one and change them anyway so there are some benefits to not importing as well if you want to start from scratch and maybe edit down and be a little more specific and cohesive with your listings but overall I would recommend just adding all of your stuff via import just so you can start off pretty quickly and you can always delete things that you didn't want from Etsy to transfer over but it does give you a good head start next once your data is imported you're going to select a plan for your store so Shopify is not free it is a platform that does cost money.



So you will have to pay either twenty million dollars a month $79 a month or $2.99 a month basic Shopify will honestly cover most of what you need this does reduce your paid rates since as you charges so many listing and transaction fees there is none of that on Shopify so if you're selling any amount of volume Shopify is going to be a much better option because it cuts down on the amount of money you're losing to fees and rates for just taking in money since Etsy charges a 5% transaction fee and they are now going to be charging advertising fees for 10 to 12 percent on your products this can be made back for the Shopify price for $29 a month very very quickly especially if you're selling higher priced items or if you're selling just a large volume of items you can do a Shopify plan via monthly or yearly I started with monthly because I wasn't totally sure if I would you stick with Shopify so if you're going to try it out you can do the 14 day plan and then go month-to-month and see how you like using Shopify to get started you do have to enter a credit card number but they will not charge you until after your free trial ends so you do get 14 days to play around with your Shopify store and see if you like it you can edit your theme you can customize the domain there is a lot on Shopify that you can get sucked into and customizing I would avoid doing that just to start especially for your 14-day trial you want to see if the Shopify is going to work practically for you so do away with all of the details and just eliminate the password protection add a simple theme and then the basics of SEO and Google Analytics so that you can track whether or not your Shopify store is doing well or not in that 14 days so I would let your audience know that you're switching to Shopify if you're not sure if you're gonna stick with Shopify or not I would just be cautious investing too much time into it there are a ton of different apps and things you can add the Shopify it can be very very powerful and very customizable so there is a lot that you can do here but to do the very basics I would just add the very basic metadata and shop data and then add Google Analytics and then test it out for the two weeks that you get a free trial and see if it's going to work for you it is one of the several options I'm going to cover on switching from Etsy to a website where you can sell your own products and take back some of the fees and just have more freedom and flexibility with your digital products shop the greatest thing about your Shopify shop is that in a short amount of time less than 10 minutes you have a great looking shop like this this is with the simple basic theme that you can choose from Shopify that is free there are a ton of different places you can buy Shopify themes and make your shop look like anything you want this is a very basic setup and it is something that you can do in just a few minutes and you implement the theme by clicking on it and then as you can see there are some really good benefits of having a Shopify store when you click on one of your products it will look very similar to Etsy it has a listing and it has photos it has payment click out check out information and it has a description then down below it has recommended items that will be pulled from the atoms in your Shopify shop if you head over to Etsy and you click on the same product you will see that all of the same information the photos and the listing and data and all of the things that help a buyer decide to buy your product but then when you scroll down you'll see the recommended items from your shop but you'll also see ads from other shops you'll see suggested things things you might like there are a lot of ways for a buyer to get distracted and click off of your shop and never come back to it so one good thing about having a Shopify shop having your own shop on your own website is that you're not gonna have competing shops competing to get your buyers and pull them off of your listing page as you can see everything is branded and put in your name so there is no competition convincing people to buy a cheaper price copy of your item.

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